Wednesday, 6 March 2013

And So You're Back

From out of space I just walked in to find you here without...
Oki you get the drift.
So some of you may already know me others not, but my name is Nicola and I am a 25 year old female living on the outskirts of London. A lover of most things guys like along with a few girly bits. 

I started a blog a good 3 years ago and just lost my passion and all pazaz for it, then my laptop went up to that great electrical heaven in the sky so I never carried on, until now, I have my nice new precious with me :) which is red, like my favorite football team.

So that there, is me, little old me, brown hair and eyes that change colour. Over here you will see a mixture of posts, some fashion, some beauty, music and most defiantly films and TV.

See you Soon. 

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