Sunday, 17 March 2013


Considering that the majority of the blogs that I follow and pretty much all of the videos I watch on Youtube are beauty related I could possibly be the laziest female when it comes to a beauty routine.

Last year I made the conscious decision to step into a beauty hall and ask for some help. I knew nothing and I still know nothing about beauty, if I take my make up off then I deserve a medal, the closest i ever got to a toning was nail varnish remover and yes I'm not lying. So I wandered over to my local House of Fraser and totted over to the Clinque counter and spilled my heart out to the wonderful and stunningly made up assistant.

There she nearly died when I confessed about the nail varnish situation and was so shocked she called another colleague over to inform her. But we then decided on the 3-Step, which Clinque are famous for, I had no idea. In a nut shell its a cleanse, tone and moisturise but it is tailored to your skin type.
There are 4 skin types that you can be
1- Very Dry to Dry
2- Dry Combination
3- Oily
4 - Very Oily 

I am number 2, Dry Combination. since using the 3 step I have noticed a change in my skin. it is softer, I have a confesion to make you are meant to to it twice a day, hell no do I do that , I think once a day is enough and I am lazy, I said it earlier. My only issue is that I don't want my face to get used to it, so I am looking for a new skin care routine, any help?

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